Silicone Products Design
Products Design

Simcone technology has developed a reputation as one of the most dynamic and pro-active industrial marking solution companies.

Silicone Compression Molding
Compression Molding

Compression molding has been used to mold rubber parts since the beginning of the rubber manufacturing industry.

Silicone products tool making
Mold Making

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Silicone Products Coating
Spray Painting

It is extremely important to apply the correct protective coating to rubber keypads, based on their applications and intended use.

Silicone Products Silkscreen Printing
Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is the preferred method for producing high-quality durable legends and characters on our silicone rubber keypads.

Silicone keypad and products laser etching
Laser Etching

Laser etched rubber keypads are frequently combined with LED backlighting which illuminates the etched patterns on the keypad buttons