Mold making

The tool making equipment used includes High Speed CNC Machines, EDM Machines, Slow Feed Wire Cutting Machines and also Lathes;this enables quick,accurate and efficient completion of production tools.

Our mold development for silicone has a wide range of product application lines such as:Keypads,protective cases,ear plug, label, pad, gasket,protective frame,mobile phone protective cover,silicone rubber cord,check valve …etc.

When making mold project, per customer’s requirement for mold steel material, we choose the suitable mold steel grade for our customers. We have high quality German and Japan imports mold steel material to proceed our mold project making. Then, the gating way will be discussed, the mold surface will be discussed, the mold cooling channel design will be checked, the operation style will be discussed, the molding machine size will be determined and the mold mechanism in actual production movement will all be checked as well. Only after our mold engineers discussing with our customers for the mold engineering in detail, we will proceed with our mold making job.

Mold Design

  • The software we use includes Pro-Engineer, I-Deas, Cimetron, Auto-Cad & Solidworks.

  • Cutomer can send 2D, 3D, by .igs .stp, formats to us.

  • We can provide mold flow analysis service.

  • With the best optimized mold water channel arrangement design and the best cycle time performance consideration design