From Drawing to Completed Product !

Simcone technology has developed a reputation as one of the most dynamic and pro-active industrial marking solution companies. In order to maintain our commitment to providing this quality service we are continually investing in state of the art graphic design software and equipment.

At Simcone we have over 15 years of experience and knowledge to impart with our Clients. This becomes particularly advantageous at the early design stages as very often asking the right question early on can avoid costly mistakes.

Our Clients generally send us a technical file or drawing which we work to. If the Client should prefer us to control the engineering design, this is no problem. Sometimes the designs are rough sketches just to give us some pointers, it is then down to us, in these cases, to pull things together into an approval document. Our design service has always been here to help the Customer to achieve their goals.

The following are the most common files that we receive from our Clients :-


No Job progresses onto production planning without first gaining the approval by signature of the Client this ensuring that we have no ambiguity in our process. This is controlled by our strict adherence to ISO9001 – 2015. Our approval documents will have all the necessary and relevant information included for the Client to be able to make a clear judgment. Most approvals are returned by fax, however we can accept approvals by email or post.

Client requests and queries are always dealt with quickly and efficiently by our dedicated sales and engineering team.

Ask to speak to one of our advisors to see how we can help with the Design Process for your Graphic Overlays, Fascia Control Panels, Keypads, Membranes, Labels, Nameplates, Gaskets, Insulators or Pad Printed Products.

What is a Rubber Keypad?

Rubber keypads are manufactured from nontoxic elastic silicone rubber compounds that are processed from either compression or injection molding. These keypads can then be integrated with switch components, such as printed circuit boards or membrane switches to create a very versatile human to machine interface device.

Ultimately,the rubber keypad is a reliable, durable, and economical keypad solution.Simcone technology is a leading keypad supplier ready to provide custom keypads for many applications and all size production runs.

Simcone will work with your design or aide in creating a design to meet your application needs. Working with our keypad suppliers we can provide the input you need to get your project launched.Simcone can provide samples or prototype tooling or ramp up to production quantities after your initial design review and approval.

Rubber Keypads Design Options:

  • Standard Carbon Pill Style

  • Rubber Actuator to Poly dome or Metal dome or mechanical switch

  • Tactile design or linear design

  • Single or Dual Durometer

  • Multiple color options on one keypad

  • Embedded Light Pipes

  • Several coating options available